Supply of incubator space for green technology companies, as well as food and drink companies, is critical for Kent to build on its proximity to number of markets, including London and internationally via Europe and Manston Airport.

Betteshanger Business and Commercial Park will comprise 6,700 square metres of internal space through separate units.  It is planned to open at the end of 2015 and will offer serviced accommodation for a mix of micro-businesses and new start-up businesses.  The focus will be on B1 (a) and B1 (b) accommodation with flexible, attractive, tenancy arrangements offered on am “easy-in, easy-out” basis with one, three or six month standard agreements.  Six to twelve month rolling tenancy agreements will also be available.

Food companies wishing to take business to the next level of development will be supported in partnership with Produced in Kent.  The Food Hub Centre will facilitate new innovative food businesses wishing to develop, test and commercialise new concepts in managed accommodation, meeting demand across Kent.  Both types of business will have the opportunity to showcase products from both a B2C and B2B perspective within the ‘showcasing’ function of the Betteshanger Sustainable Energy Mining and Heritage Park.

Serviced Offices to Let

Almond House:  Situated within the Betteshanger Sustainable Parks scheme – Click for more info.